“No longer dream about the beach, live it”
The beach makes us dream. It evokes the sun which colors our bodies and souls, the sea which hypnotizes the eyes, and the beach on which we play, laugh and love on. The beach is the real life, the philosophy of “Swim-ology”.
“Swim-ology” is that band of brothers. Long term friends, engaged or not, with or without children, who meet up at the beach to forget everyday life to live freely , full of joy and love. To experience it, they needed to feel good in their clothes, hence, they created “Swim-ology”.

“Swim-ology” makes men live the life they want, the life they deserve, by introducing three models of swim trunks inspired by the 50/60’s way of life. They are all elegant but young, durable yet affordable, comfortable but modern. Fashion forward combined with a bohemian lifestyle.